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Welcome to Carl's Canaries

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We are Breeders and Exhibitors of Stafford and ColorBred Canaries

C & J Aviary
Home of Carl's Canaries
Located in Port Charlotte, Florida

Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

If you desire quality birds from award winning stock please place your order early. Birds can be picked-up in Port Charlotte, Florida.

If you desire shipment by commercial air transport to your location, the airlines will accept shipment 

A minimum purchase of four birds is required for air shipment. To be assured of outstanding canaries, place your order now.


Stafford Canaries

Non-Crest Red Mosaic Hen

Non-Crest Red Mosaic Hen

Red Brown Mosaic Female Crested Stafford

Red Frost Crested Stafford

Bronze Mosaic Male Non-Crested Stafford

Bronze Mosaic Male Non-Crested Stafford
ColorBred Canaries

Red Frost ColorBred

Recessive White ColorBred

Yellow Frost ColorBred

Yellow Mosaic  Female ColorBred

Agate Opal White Recessive ColorBred 



Yellow Intensive ColorBred